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June 12, 2002
God Bless Radio Shack

I dare anyone to come into my apartment and figure out my stereo system. Dare you, dare you, double-dog dare you. I went to Radio Shack today to buy a new mixing console, 'cause the old one I bought for 40 bucks from eBay quit entirely. After a very long adventure throughout more of Manhattan than I want to talk about, I now have a 60 dollar mixing console (down from $150 because it's the display model) that appears to be working perfectly. Get this, though: the power supply I had to buy separately; of course Radio Shack was more than happy to sell me one...for the gleeful price of $14.99.


This week I fancy myself a musician. Don't ask. Really, you don't want to know. But I must mention that my hookup is driven 100% by Radio Shack. There are more cables here than I want to talk about. I have one main hookup from the mixing console into the 'puter, and everything else is fed into the mixer, via other jerry rigs. For example, my Kenwood record player from 1974 is plugged first into a standalone preamp, and then into the mixing console. A CD-player, tape player, and VCR are rigged into a switch console, which is then rigged into the mixer. And right now my Roland FP-1 (full size digital piano) is plugged into the mixer as well. And the whole freakin' output (which is from the computer) goes into the stereo system that I bought from a friend in 1994 who had had it since 1988. But you know what? It works. Just don't come in here and try and listen to anything without my assitance. It may be disastrous.

I take my hat off to my electronic music professor who always told us: "Everything operates on a simple binary system: input, output. Input, output. In...out. Sound in, sound out, it's that simple." That's a lesson I'll never forget....and one that is very useful when trolling the aisles at Radio Shack.

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June 11, 2002
Well whaddya know....

In my review of the Bangs...Sounds of the 80s CDs I rant and rave about the band Brand New Idol and I just discovered something marvelous....they are a local NJ/NY band! They have their own website, they indeed have a CD release, and I just signed up for their mailing list so that I can run out and catch a show next time they play in the NY area.

*happy dance*

Speaking of New York, look at the new button on the left; the "I'm on the map" thingy. Click it and you'll go to a subway map that shows NYC bloggers based on subway stop. I'm on the 1 train at 110th Street; click around and see what other freaks live in my neighborhood.....

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