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March 9, 2002

Am I the only person in the world who has not jumped on the Alanis Morissette bandwagon? She's number one and I really don't understand why. I have heard her new single, "Hands Clean", about a dozen times and it is so completely forgettable that I couldn't hum it for you. I couldn't tell you the chorus (did you notice how musically it's hardly there, by the way?), I couldn't tell you one lyric, I don't even remember where she says "Hands Clean" or if she sings it all.

Jagged Little Pill was alright. I first heard "Ironic" and "Hand in my Pocket" and I liked 'em, but then I heard "Head Over Feet" and cowered in a corner every time that horrendous verse to chorus chord change came up. I mean, ICK! That is just so not pretty to listen to!!! Nor is her wailing "It's all your fault!" in the same blasted key and then dropping back with zero transition back into the verse....


Here's someone who takes Alanis hatried to a new level. And he makes a good point: In "Ironic", she manages to use the word ironic improperly about 800 times...

Bottom line: she's alright. But number one? I don't get it. Ah well.....

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March 7, 2002
Whatever happenned to the single?

An article from CNN says: The music industry is killing off the single...The demise of the single means more of music's romance is disappearing, just like when colorful album covers were replaced by tiny CD booklets....

*sniff* *sob* Am I old? I am one of those folks with a huge nostalgia for vinyl. Seven inches were the bomb....twelve inches were an extra-special treat. And I remember them being dirt cheap; as the article mentions, it used to be easy to hear a song on the radio and then pick up just that one song without buying the whole album. These days the CD Singles are 5, 6, sometimes even 10 bucks; when the whole CD is a few dollars more, what is the point of just buying the single?

One thing the article doesn't mention: what about b-sides? Hrmmm? Vinyl singles always had the fun advantage of rare tracks on the flip side, a track you wouldn't find on the full-length LP and was often just as good (if not better) than the A-side. It was a chance for artists to put out songs that they couldn't fit on an LP or just to have some fun with the extra track.

My most recent single purchases: "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliot and "Desert Rose" by Sting. No "b-sides" (what should we call 'em now? "bonus tracks"? ACK!) on either; just remixes. And sure enough, the Missy Elliot single appears to no longer be available. Well damn y'all to hell, record execs.

Viva la single!

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Welcome, welcome. For those who got here via Late Bar Radio, thanks for stopping into this portion of the site. For those who came here via blogger or a search engine, take a moment to see the rest of this site; there are streaming radio stations that you may be interested in listening to.

This is a blog. It's where I can go on and on about whatever I want to. For this site, it will be about music. What about music, I am not sure. But I am going to start with this:

DJOktober's song of the week:
"Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx. For some reason I can listen to this track over and over again in my CD player and never get tired of it. These guys hail from Astralwerks, the same label as Fat Boy Slim and Chemical Brothers, so that may give you an idea of their style: DJ, Electronic, and a nice mix of funk thrown in for interest. You have got to see their video for this track; it is f**king brilliant (in my opinion, of course). Check it out right here.

I'm off for now; more later, I am sure.

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