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May 3, 2002
Holy Media Coverage, Batman!

Wow. Go to the RAIN website right now and see all the media coverage that the "Day of Silence" generated. I feel so proud that I was a part of it! *sniff* *sniff* Live365.com is still running its Stinky Fish broadcast, a "CARPcast" featuring content put together by webcasters, including a short spot by yours truly.

And by the way...new album by John Taylor out on May 21st. *shameless plug* Honestly, his latest CDs aren't half bad. If you like indie solo work, you really should check out some of the CDs they have at his website.

I'm not just saying that because I run his Internet radio station.
I swear.
I double-dog swear.

My personal favorite is the Neurotic Outsiders, with John Taylor (Duran Duran), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (both from Guns 'N Roses). It was a short-lived quartet that started with live shows at the Viper Room in Los Angeles and then turned into a CD release on Maverick Records (you know...Madonna's label).

I am a royal schmuck for missing their shows. I was in a musical coma during the year this project existed and so I didn't discover it until long after the group had disbanded. The CD is full of hard and fast punk tunes, including renditions of John's own "Feelings Are Good" and "Always Wrong". There is also a great cover of "Janie Jones", originally by The Clash. My favorite is "Jerk", full with enough utterances of the word "cunt" to make anyone's head spin. Don't like cuss words? Try the clean, radio friendly version of the track, available on the single for "Angelina", released only in Japan. That single also contains a version of Duran Duran's classic "Planet Earth", in an ass-kicking punk rendition that is a must for any music collection.

Regrettably, the Neurotic Outsiders CD is currently out of print. Scour the stores and see if anyone has a last copy, or check out your local used record store. Will there be a re-issue? Don't know....try and find some of the tracks and if you like it, bug Steve Jones, John Taylor, Maverick Records, even Guns 'N Roses and tell them all to bring back the Neurotic Outsiders project!

Hey, I can always hope, right? I want to see 'em live, damnit. Steve Jones.... *sigh*

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May 1, 2002

Independent Internet broadcasters are yelling MAYDAY! in response to CARP's proposed royalty recommendations. Today is a "Day of Silence" where many broadasters are choosing to shut down their own streams or program them heavily with silence and anti-CARP publuc service announcements. The action is meant to bring attention to the issues that Internet broadcasting companies may face if the CARP recommendations go into effect on May 21st. I am participating today by replacing my website, Late Bar Radio, with an announcement about what this is about. In addition, one of my Internet radio streams, Oktober Musings, has been replaced by one PSA describing what listeners can do to make their opinions heard. Use today to contact your Congress people and the media, and let them know how you feel about the proposed royalty rates.

Go to Live365.com and tune in to their "Stinky Fish" broadcast, which is packed full of indie music and broadcaster-submitted audio material, including a PSA by Late Bar Radio set to the tune of Meltdown radio's title track. For more information on today's actions, also visit RAIN (the Radio and Internet Newsletter) and Save Internet Radio.

Don't let Internet radio go silent....

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