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December 10, 2002
Oh...in case you were wondering....

I didn't actually pay for that Billy Joel thing. I wouldn't even consider purchasing a ticket. I mean, I like Billy Joel and all, but it sounded like a bad idea when I heard about it and I only went because my ticket was free. Besides, would you believe the mezzanine seats were $100?? What the heck is Broadway coming to??

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December 3, 2002
Don't go see this...

Click here if you dare. Really, don't bother; unless you love Billy Joel music, love dancing, and think that the marriage of the two sounds like an agreeable evening.

Here, have a review. Most of them are mediocre, as is mine. This was a "dance narrative", meaning there was no spoken dialogue throughout the whole thing, and the point is that the dancing (with the music, of course) tells the story. Honestly, I would have been happier at a club listening to the very talented band play Billy Joel covers all evening. The dancing was a little distracting...

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