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September 30, 2002
This week's celebrity sighting...

About once a week I pass some sort of film production in the city. This is usually a TV show, such as Third Watch (which filmed on my street), NYPD Blue, or Law & Order (I ran into the two detectives down in Chinatown one day). Sometimes it's a movie; my neighborhood is cheap to shoot in so production trucks are often present (part of a car chase in Vanilla Sky was filmed right around the corner; may I mention here that Tom Cruise is really freakin' short?).

Last night I went to 23rd Street to get tattooed (again) and whaddya know....Fat Joe and his posse (complete with Mr. P. Diddy) were filming a music video at a club right next door to the Hotel Chelsea. During my smoke breaks I went to watch the action; by 10PM or so they were filming outdoor sequences. My tattoo artist was hoping for some free publicity, but they didn't shoot any footage of the shop (as far as we know, that is).


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September 15, 2002
Cow Milking 101

Have you seen Prodigy's video for the new single, "Baby's Got a Temper"? In typical Prodigy style, the video is a bit too racy for MTV or VH1. However, you can view it from their website, or from live365.com. I rather enjoyed it; to me it looked like a direct reference to a British study on the effects of music on a cow's milk production (according to Prodigy's Liam Howlett, the video concept actually came to him in a dream).

It's worth a look. Seriously. And the song is pretty darn good, too!

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September 10, 2002

I am hereby declaring myself MIA from now until Monday or so. Sorry, I'm a New Yorker, I'm a little bit distracted by the 9/11 anniversary. Just a weeeee bit. I live uptown, but I left the house that day for awhile; click here for just one of sights I came across that day.

Meanwhile, if you were going to perform a Drag King act, what song would you do it to? I'm making a CD for a friend who does drag, and the selections are rather curious. So do tell...what songs would you choose if you were doing a drag show?

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September 6, 2002
Random thought of the day...

Whatever happenned to the band Art of Noise? I tried to look 'em up, and their website is down. Who could forget the brilliance of such tracks as "Close to the Edit" and "Paranoima"? And how about those videos? Definitely a band ahead of their time....

That's all. Not much to say. I think I'm still getting over the VMA horror. It has left lasting scars....

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