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November 17, 2002
Busy busy busy!!!

I've been occupied since my last post...too busy to even listen to much music, never mind post any commentary on it. However, today my latest life adventures brought me a phenomenon that I rarely experience these days: popular radio. Today while doing menial tasks for very little cash (yeah yeah, I'm still unemployed so I gotta take what I can get, ya know?) my ears were accosted by ten grueling hours of the NYC pop station Z100. The most unfortunate part of this experience was that the station rotates the same damn playlist every two hours. I heard Avril Lavigne sing "Skater Boy" four times. I heard some horrid cover of Bryan Adam's "Heaven" by some generic female singer immediately followed by the Cyndi Lauper cover of "Time after Time" by another generic female singer. I heard Britney and Christina and Michelle and Justin and all sorts of other people that I really had no desire whatsoever to hear.

All I have to say is "Blech!" (with a serious Bill the Cat look on my face)

The good news is that I finally caught Madonna's latest; the theme song from the newest Bond movie, "Die Another Day". And I promptly decided that I hated it. I was really curious about that track and I am glad I had the chance to listen to it (four or five times over the course of the day). And now with any luck I will never hear it again.

So now I am putting together my next radio show ("Fade to Grey" -- punk and New Wave music every other Tuesday) and with some help from The Clash, Talking Heads, The Buzzcocks, David Bowie, Art of Noise, Soft Cell, and a little early Duran Duran I am slowly recovering from the trauma of my day with popular radio.

Tomorrow I'm gonna try and tune the radio to WLIR. Wish me luck....

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November 1, 2002
The Drag King premiere....

Well, it's official. DJOktober has done drag. And it went so well that I'm doing it again next Friday. After five days of waffling between, "I'm gonna do it!" and "I'm not gonna do it!" I finally went with the do it option. Really, it went much better than I expected. The first bit I did was with Ian Blakk, where we performed "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon. Ian's take was that he was a guardian angel (complete with white wings) and I was a lost, disillusioned...well, person. Anyway, after much haggling we went the queer route and I was dressed as a man, sitting at a table with Ian singing around me, until the last verse where the angel (Ian) falls from earth and I see him. After that bit, everyone kept coming up to me saying how good I was, and I was thinking, "But I didn't do anything..." I guess there is a lot to be said for acting lost and disillusioned...

My bit was "Every Day is Halloween" by Ministry. I of course heavily edited the song so that it was under five minutes, and without a lot of long instrumental breaks. My own little schtick was to get dressed up as a goth boy as the song goes along. I was insanely nervous, but I pulled through it with rousing success! Really, I am very encouraged; I am going to perform next week for Sir Real's monthly Drag King event at WOW cafe -- but this time I'm doing something different. Those of you who may be reading this 'cause you go to Late Bar Radio for the Duran stuff will be pleased to know....

I'm doing a Duran Duran piece. ROCKIN! I won't tell you anything else, though, until next week....

This evening was a contest, and I went into it pretty sure I wasn't going to win. Halloween drag is a fun, campy affair, and both my piece and Ian's were very subdued and somewhat serious. The winner, Schtick Rick, was awesome as an angry mailman who had come back from the dead to seek out all traiters of the USPS. Johnny Kat came in second place, with a hilarious piece called "Carve the Beaver" about, well, eating a beaver! No no, not that beaver (get your minds out of the gutter!). We all wondered where the heck he found that gem of a song, and he declared, "Just count on dem southerners!!" in a wonderful Mississippi drawl.

There was a spoken word/lip synch combo at the end, and a newcomer with what I will call the Vegetable Song 'cause I couldn't tell you what it was really called or where it came from. The evening was full of other craziness, including small prizes for the audience, some dancing ushers, and a quick blowjob for a demon performed by the MC, Sir Real. We topped it all off with DJ Ethan Carter, spinning some ghoulish 70s and 80s music after the performances.

It was great fun! And I came out of it feeling good about performing (seriously, I've never done anything like this before) and also with a cool pair of Halloween socks. :)

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