DJOktober in the pages of Tattoo Magazine
"Tattooing's Luscious Ladies" supplement, July, 2003

UPDATE 05.11.03 The feline body piece was completed in early October, 2002 in preparation for the Massachusetts tattoo convention later that month. We filled in the color over a few weeks with a number of tattoo sessions totalling 20 hours. I don't have any of the information or pictures on this site yet, except for the photos seen here from the July, 2003 supplement to Tattoo Magazine. However, Darren Rosa has a page dedicated to the tattoo on his site -- The Purple Cat. I do have some of my own pictures of the fill sessions and also a few words to add and one of these days I'll get to putting them up, so as always....stay tuned.

The feline body piece won first prize in the tribal category at the N. Carolina tattoo convention in February, 2002. Click here to read about the adventure, and see more pictures (WARNING: this information was written in early 2002; it is now outdated and in dire need of editting!). The tattoo also placed in the top three in the tribal category at the Washington D.C. tattoo convention in August, 2002. Both awards were won before the tattoo was colored in with purple/pink patterning.

The tattoo also won 1st place at the New York City Tattoo Convention in May, 2003 in the tribal category. A ton of pictures were taken by professional photographers, but unfortunately I missed all the tattoo magazine coverage! If you have any magazines that feature this tattoo during or after the contest, please please please drop me an e-mail!

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What the hell is this about? you ask. Well, I like body art. I mean, I really really like body art. I discovered the art of various body modifications in college when I met a guy who had a nostril piercing. I already had a number of ear piercings, but I had never seen someone in real life with nose jewelry. We became friends and one night he showed me a book called Modern Primitives. I was completely and utterly mortified. It is an intense book, outlining all sorts of body modifications that I had never seen or heard of in my life. Honestly, I thought it was revolting. But over the next month or so I warmed up to the idea and philosophy of body modification and what it meant. And three months after I met him, I had my own nostril piercing.

I took to body piercing first. For me in the beginning body art was more about the experience and less about ornamentation. I wanted to know what that brand of pain felt like. As a consequence, I have seventeen piercings. Ten are in the ears, so you can guess where the others are. And I can tell you in exquisite detail about every single time a needle has pierced my flesh (well, except for the ears, those were forgetable). And indeed at one time I had some webpages devoted to body piercing where I outlined those experiences.

Maybe someday I will resurrect those piercing pages. Right now, however, I am more interested in talking about tattoos. I got my last piercing in 1998 and since then I have put that hobby aside and have turned more to collecting tattoos. These pages exist for the sole purpose of showing off my ink. Every tattoo has a story, and I have to admit that I like to share them. Why do I include this on what is essentially a Duran Duran fan site? I have Duran Duran tattoos, of course! So it is absolutely pertinent. I have one on my left ankle and one on my right leg. In fact I have a whole webpage dedicated to fans that have Duran related tattoos, which you can check out here.

So here we go. These pages were not written in order, so my "how to get a tattoo" instructions aren't until the cadaceus. Information on the very first tattoo was written back in 1995, and although it's been editted, you can still tell that I was a much different person back then!

Enjoy. I am missing the astrology piece and the latest pin-up, but I'll get to them one of these days. Feel free to ask me anything about these tattoos. And if anyone wants to contribute their own work to these pages, drop me a note at and we'll work something out.

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The Ankle Series:
Part I (Duran Duran), Part II (Star Wars), Part V (Faith)

Me, my family

Sailor Jerry mermaid (aka tits on my leg), Modern Pin-up (The Chauffeur)

The Feline Body Piece:
Introduction, Tattoo Session #1, Tattoo Sessions #2 - #6, Tattoo Session #7,
Tattoo Sessions #8 and #9, touch-up sessions, the Final Fill

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